Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Le Origini"

Authenticity and tourism, gastronomic quality and enhancement of the territory could be summed
up in these words, the initiative that involves the APOBI (Associazione Produttori Olivicoli
Bivonesi ), and the Association of Tourism ViviVivona together to promote the best that Bivona
offers .
The idea is to introduce an exceptional quality product such as extra virgin olive oil produced by
Bivona's growers to the English market , through a network of contacts between Sicily and
England : an ongoing process that is running for about a year , which now will be joined by a small
brochure that illustrates the beauty of Bivona to be visited by the tourists .
"We decided to take advantage of this opportunity – says Carmelo Cancelliere ,the president of the
association ViviVivona – to introduce the attractions of our village beyond Italy ,such as our
wonderful sights and various festivals , and all initiatives that we as an association provide:
excursions , guided tours ,food degustation , etc-. An opportunity must be seized to enhance our
territory thanks to a quality product like oil bivonese . "
"We started selling the oil in England for a year - Ignazio Mortellaro of
APOBI tells us - and this
year we decided to make known both our product and our territory abroad . "
The exported oil , about a hundred bottles a year , possesses exceptional organoleptic
characteristics, as certified by in-depth analysis of the Soat Prizzi : "With our product - continues
Mortellaro - we're going to catch,thanks to our contacts in England , a niche of buyers who
appreciate the quality of our oil , and we like to think that maybe , thanks to a bottle of oil , tourists
will come to Bivona to see the wonders of the area by themselves, also to experience the majestic
dishes made only with natural and healthy products. "
And who knows,maybe with this idea the tourism of Bivona will be able to start a new.

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